UmeNow offers 2 membership levels.

Anyone can join for free as an unsubscribed member. Unsubscribed members enjoy the same privacy protections as subscribed members but are restricted from entering areas reserved for subscribed members.

Membership subscription is only 6.00 / month, or 45.00/ year.  Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. We offer attractive group rates for families, friends, and organizations.

Features available in the free version:

- My Wall

- Blogs (add donation buttons to raise money for your causes. All money raised goes directly to you. UmeNow makes no claims on money donated to you.)

- Personal Photo Gallery

- Love-n-Likes

- Your Polls

- What's Happening

- Privacy Settings

- Profile Page

- Group Walls (excluding Private Walls and Protected Walls)


Additional features available to subscribed members only:

- Family Wall

- Work Wall

- Protected Group Walls

- Private Group Walls

- Future features scheduled to be released